Snowboarding is what got us here and giving back to snowboarding is what keeps us here. We are dedicated to develop the best products, act like a family, make conscious decisions, and encourage people to break out of their everyday routines and do something worth remembering.


Nitro was founded by Thomas Delago and Sepp Ardelt in 1990 at Veras Cafe in Seattle, Washington. Two snowboarders who were interested in progressing their passion for being in the mountains, by creating products and technologies to make snowboarding more accessible for everyone.


We take pride in supporting the retailers, community, and structure that has gotten snowboarding to where it is today, by not selling direct online. We believe it is important to share the profits with every level of the snowboard community from local distributions, designers, reps, retailers, shop kids, and team riders. These are the key people building and sustaining our local snowboard communities.We believe this helps support the local snowboard communities to continue to thrive and inspire more young rippers to get out on the mountain and to keep the snowboard legacy strong for decades to come. Snowboarding is a multilevel community and we do our best to support these micro and macro communities though our kids camps, „Run To The Hills“ events, team riders, snowboard media support, snowboard enthusiasts, snowboard park sponsorships, and grassroots level sponsorships.


The search for new ideas, the hunt for the best product, the perfect ride, accelerating progression, being creative and moving fast, chasing the next evolution, living the uncertain adventure of the snowboarding industry. Getting to ride fresh pow when others check their emails is always a bonus. Being part of a community that shares the same endless enthusiasm and supportive nature is the most inspiring reason to continue for another 30 years. We are all in this together!


We are constantly working on making products that make it easier, more fun, affordable and enjoyable to go snowboarding, while focusing on progressing the technology and design to help keep up with the progression of snowboarding our team riders and employees demand. When you snowboard you have the freedom to go anywhere and we use this same mindset while searching for new technologies, creative designs, artwork, and developing our products.


Since day one, Nitro has been run like a family. Employees have equal opportunity to give their input and decision making transparency is something we take pride in. Everyone is in this for the same reason, snowboarding. Trust and loyalty are key components to why Nitro can stay true to its core values of running the business like a family. We strive to treat our team riders, distributions, reps, retailers, and snowboarders with respect, loyalty, and trust. We believe snowboarding is built on friendships made on and off the mountain through mutual respect for our local and global communities.

Team riders are some of the most important members of the Nitro family because these are the guys and girls who help us progress product, content, events, and initiatives in the right and relevant direction. They allow us to stay authentic and engaged in the ever- evolving world of snowboarding.


We know that the community and environment are what allows us and our fellow snowboarders to enjoy deep pow days, early morning groomers, and lift rides or split tracks any day of the week, so we consciously question ever process to see how we can improve a sustainable future for the snowboard community. We know that building our products create pollution in our environment, so we continuously work to reduce and offset these effects. This philosophy does not only apply to our eco-initiatives but also the business side - we are always looking for ways to strengthen the current snowboard retail and community landscape to make sure future generations will have the same passionate people involved in their snowboard scene as we did.


Everything we do from product to content should motivate people to break out of their daily routines and go snowboarding. Through fun and user-friendly products, creative designs, authentic interactions, inspiring content, constant searching for the next groundbreaking technology, and showcasing how fun and inclusive snowboarding is. We are committed to getting as many people connecting turns as possible.